ChatGPT is available on Nothing’s new wireless earbud

Saurabh Singh
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All you have to do to communicate with ChatGPT is pinch the earbuds

Nothing is back with a pair of brand-new earbuds that have been enhanced with generative AI. The Ear (a) is positioned as a more cost-effective model, while the Nothing Ear is the replacement for the Ear (2) from last year. Let’s examine this.

Nothing Ear Elevate your audio experience while maintaining Nothing’s recognizable transparent style. A ceramic diaphragm and other quality materials were used in the construction of the 11mm driver system underneath the hood to provide sharper highs and fuller music. More vents and an upgraded dual-chamber architecture should result in crisper sound as well.

High-res codecs like LDAC and LHDC 5.0 are supported by the Ear over Bluetooth, providing 24-bit/192kHz lossless streaming for audiophiles. Additionally, a useful feature called personal audio profile allows you to adjust the equalizer according to your hearing.

This upgraded variant has a smaller-looking case than the regular Ear model, which appears to have recycled the Ear (2) design in its entirety.

This device appears to include the same Smart ANC technology as the more expensive model, including adaptive transparency modes, despite its lower price. With 42.5 hours, the battery life is a little bit longer.

Integration of ChatGPT

However, the ChatGPT integration is the true standout feature here, in keeping with Nothing’s goal of making AI experiences simpler. You can talk with ChatGPT directly through the headphones if you have the most recent version of Nothing OS and do a fast squeeze gesture.

While the Ear (a) is priced at a more reasonable Rs 7,999, the Ear will retail for Rs 11,999. By late April, both were available in Indian stores; at first, they were only available on Flipkart with launch discounts.

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