A Guide To The Present Moment PDF Download

A Guide to the Present Moment PDF
Author: Noah Elkrief
Size: 39.27 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Belief and doubt
Languages : en
Pages : 299
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Do you want to stop feeling stress, anxiety, shame, unworthiness, depression, anger, guilt, sadness, worry, or fear? It certainly seems as though these emotions are inevitable, and directly created by our circumstances, our situations, and the people in our lives. However, it is possible to discover that all your unwanted emotions are actually created by thoughts in your mind - and each of these emotions can vanish in an instant if you just stop believing these thoughts to be true. This Book Will Help You To: - Experience peace in situations that used to be filled with anxiety and stress - Live with a sense of a wholeness, worthiness, or completeness - Enjoy more love and stronger connections in your relationships with others - Experience the freedom to act how you feel without worrying about others' opinions - Live in the moment or live the power of now (i.e. spiritual awakening) - Experience the fulfillment you have been searching for.

How To Live In The Now PDF Download

How to Live in the Now PDF
Author: Ernest Svendsen
Size: 61.44 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Category :
Languages : en
Pages : 199
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A Practical Guide to Living Life in the Present Moment "This moment is it. It is everything. It is all there is, and the solution to any difficulty in your life is to be found here and here alone..." Based on more than 25 years of experience, bestselling author and facilitator Ernest Holm Svendsen takes you on the most important journey of your life. The journey from the prison of your mind to the vitality and aliveness of the present moment. In his down-to-earth style and using practical exercises and experiments, Ernest shows you exactly how to change your life by shutting down your autopilot and waking up to the spontaneous joy of being in the present moment. Through clear explanations and step-by-step guidance, How to Live In the Now offers a practical path to living life in the present moment which is available to anyone, no matter their life circumstances. Learn how to be in the present moment Learn how to let go of anxiety and worried thoughts Learn how to create deep connections with others Learn how to stop seeking approval and be yourself "I loved this book and how it taught me to live life in the present! From the precise and easy-to-understand explanations to the simplicity of the practices it has made such a difference for me." "It was as if I could weave your instructions as a thread through my (very busy) life as a working parent. I have spent so much time not living in the present and I can't begin to express what getting better at living now has brought to my marriage, the relationship to my children and my work life." "I've read so many books on how to live in the present. Being present in the moment is the most important topic in life but it is so often misunderstood. Your book really clears it up and the training program is just perfect. Thank you for this little gem making everyone better at living in the now!"

Present Moment Awareness PDF Download

Present Moment Awareness PDF
Author: Shannon Duncan
Publisher: New World Library
Size: 11.92 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Self-Help
Languages : en
Pages : 160
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Filled with powerful but easily accessible concepts and exercises, Present Moment Awareness shows readers how they can drop their emotional baggage, calm their worries about the future, and start enjoying the peace and joyfulness that can only be found in the Now. Author Shannon Duncan reveals how opening to the present moment can allow us to discover the limiting perceptions, emotional turmoil, and habitual reactions that so often dictate our experience of life. He shows how we can discover the true causes of our stress and discontent, transform our emotions from rulers into advisers, and start appreciating the gift of life, right here and now.

A Guide To The Recovery Toolbox PDF Download

A Guide to the Recovery Toolbox PDF
Author: Steve Becker
Publisher: Lulu.com
Size: 35.55 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Category : Self-Help
Languages : en
Pages : 156
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People in recovery often hear of the tools. What are they? When do I use them? How? This book is a reference guide to help answer these questions, with over 80 tools and a troubleshooting section. Written to be accessible not only to twelve-step programs (AA, NA, Alanon, CoDA, etc) but anyone who wants to learn, whether you're in recovery or not.