Abridged Apiterapia 101 Clinical Forms PDF Download

Abridged Apiterapia 101 Clinical Forms PDF
Author: Moises Asis
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Apitherapy is the Complementary and Alternative Medicine that promotes the use of bee products (honey, honeydew honey, stingless bee honey, mead, propolis, geopropolis, hive air, beeswax, zabrus or honeycomb capping, pollen, bee bread, apitoxin or bee venom, drone larvae or Apilarnil, royal jelly, and whole bees) for nutrition, enhancement of health and life quality, prevention and treatment of diseases, and for cosmetic treatments. Apitherapy comprises, among its many procedures, the apitoxitherapy or bee venom therapy, Apipuncture or Acupuncture by beestings, micro stings, or apitoxin microinjections, massage with honey, propolis oil and apitoxin oil, use of stipers, inhalations, topical applications, suppositories, creams, intravenous solutions, oral ingestion, injections, capsules, pills, drops, band-aids, and as a synergic coadjutant of food and prescription drugs. Clinical forms in this book include Informed Consents for Apitherapy, Notes, Progress Notes, Health History forms, SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan) Forms, Allergy forms, Medication Diary forms, Apipuncture diagrams, bee product measure conversions, and others useful resources for apitherapists. Information on the 15 bee products is provided as well as a guide for emergency Apitherapy.The Apitherapy practitioner can use the forms directly on this book or to make multiple copies for use with patients.This book is unique and a keep-it complement to any book on Apitherapy in any language. Forms, titles of chapters and sections, tables, diagrams. Entries are in English but some headings are also in Spanish. Mois�s As�s has extensively written on Apitherapy since the late 1970's and has lectured in many countries as a reputable specialist.Abridged Apitherapy 101 clinical forms is a black and white basic text, most color pictures and Spanish-language references and documents available in Apitherapy 101 clinical forms were removed to save space.

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