Childhood Disrupted PDF Download

Childhood Disrupted PDF
Author: Donna Jackson Nakazawa
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Size: 45.56 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : Health & Fitness
Languages : en
Pages : 304
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"A groundbreaking book showing the link between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and adult illnesses such as heart disease, autoimmune disease, and cancer--Childhood Disrupted also explains how to cope with these emotional traumas and even heal from them. Your biography becomes your biology. The emotional trauma we suffer as children not only shapes our emotional lives as adults, it also affects our physical health, longevity, and overall wellbeing. Scientists now know on a bio-chemical level exactly how parents' chronic fights, divorce, death in the family, being bullied or hazed, and growing up with a hypercritical, alcoholic, or mentally ill parent can leave permanent, physical "fingerprints" on our brains. When we as children encounter sudden or chronic adversity, excessive stress hormones cause powerful changes in the body, altering our body chemistry. The developing immune system and brain react to this chemical barrage by permanently resetting our stress response to "high," which in turn can have a devastating impact on our mental and physical health. Donna Jackson Nakazawa shares stories from people who have recognized and overcome their adverse experiences, shows why some children are more immune to stress than others, and explains why women are at particular risk. Groundbreaking in its research, inspiring in its clarity, Childhood Disrupted explains how you can reset your biology--and help your loved ones find ways to heal"--

Orphans PDF Download

Orphans PDF
Author: Jeremy Seabrook
Publisher: Hurst & Company
Size: 74.81 MB
Format: PDF
Category : Orphans
Languages : en
Pages : 320
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Orphans, like widows, have always officially been objects of piety and compassion. But this has rarely been reflected in their treatment by society, which has often punished, abused or ill-treated them. Orphans illuminates the attitudes behind this maltreatment - often, that those withoutparents are disruptive or malevolent, and must be trained into wholesome disciplines of labour and obedience. Charting the changing and often loose definitions of "orphans" throughout history, Seabrook explores their many "makers", from natural or man-made catastrophes and social dislocation to the State, charity and other forces that have separated children, especially the poor, from their close kin.Drawing on historic documents, interviews, memoirs and living testimonies, Jeremy Seabrook probes how it has felt to belong to this distinctive, and often stigmatised, group over the centuries. This history is not only one of suffering - Orphans also reveals the uncounted millions taken in and loved by relatives, neighbours or strangers. Driven by their insecurity and freedom from constraints, their achievements have often been remarkable.

Trauma Sensitive Schools PDF Download

Trauma Sensitive Schools PDF
Author: Colleen Lelli
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Size: 18.63 MB
Format: PDF
Category : Education
Languages : en
Pages : 174
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Trauma-Sensitive Schools: The Importance of Instilling Grit, Determination, and Resilience is written with the consideration of the important and effective role educators and other staff who work with children every day can have on children of trauma. Daily supportive interactions from caring adults can bring healing, while using strategies in a school setting that can promote learning for children of trauma. The purpose of this book is to both support schools in their creation of trauma sensitive school systems and classrooms and provide practical strategies for educators to implement in the classroom. The strategies provided will support children and young people in their learning, their self-regulation and relationship skills. Skills such as grit, determination and resilience can be taught, and this book will provide all readers with ways to support children of trauma. The importance of understanding how trauma impacts cognitive, behavioral and social growth is emphasized with key terms outlined and discussed. This text is applicable for any pre-service teacher studying to become an educator as well. Self-care strategies for educators are also included to reduce the risk of secondary trauma and to effectively teach all children but especially children of trauma.

Childhood Interrupted PDF Download

Childhood Interrupted PDF
Author: Kathleen O'Malley
Publisher: Hachette UK
Size: 45.90 MB
Format: PDF
Category : Biography & Autobiography
Languages : en
Pages : 256
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In 1950, Kathleen O'Malley and her two sisters were legally abducted from their mother and placed in an industrial school ran by the Sisters of Mercy order of nuns, who also ran the notorious Magdalene Homes. The rape of eight-year-old Kathleen by a neighbour had triggered their removal - the Irish authorities ruling that her mother must have been negligent. They were only allowed a strictly supervised visit once a year, until they were permitted to leave the harsh and cruel regime of the institution at the age of sixteen. But Kate survived her traumatic childhood and escaped her past by leaving for England and then Australia when the British government offered a scheme to encourage settlement there. Fleeing her past again, Kate worked as a governess in Paris and then returned to England where she trained as a beautician at Elizabeth Arden. She married and had a son. A turning point in Kate's life came when she applied to become a magistrate and realised that she had to confront her hidden personal history and make it public. This is her inspiring story.

Psychoses And Pervasive Developmental Disorders In Childhood And Adolescence PDF Download

Psychoses and Pervasive Developmental Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence PDF
Author: Fred R. Volkmar
Publisher: Amer Psychiatric Pub Incorporated
Size: 47.75 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Category : Medical
Languages : en
Pages : 306
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Pervasive developmental disorders are characterized by a broad-based loss or impairment of functions that would be expected for a child's age. "Psychoses and Pervasive Developmental Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence" explores developmental disorders and also the conditions, plus those traditionally considered childhood psychoses. Eighteen experts in the field of child psychiatry present concise yet detailed summaries of these until now sparsely covered mental illness topics. The book discusses recent changes in the diagnosis and definition of these disorders, advances in knowledge, and treatment. It also addresses theoretical issues regarding the notion of childhood psychosis and the mistaken idea that children are somehow protected from depression and other forms of affective illness. Major changes in DSM-IV categories and criteria, especially for autism and other pervasive developmental disorders, make this book a useful tool in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood and adolescent mental disorders. An increased interest in this subject, plus significant changes from DSM-III-R to DSM-IV, suggested the potential usefulness of a volume designed specifically for clinicians caring for children with these disorders. An American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry training institute on these issues provided the foundation for this book.

Forgetting Children Born Of War PDF Download

Forgetting Children Born of War PDF
Author: Charli Carpenter
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Size: 53.96 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Category : Political Science
Languages : en
Pages : 304
View: 1974

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Sexual violence and exploitation occur in many conflict zones, and the children born of such acts face discrimination, stigma, and infanticide. Yet the massive transnational network of organizations working to protect war-affected children has, for two decades, remained curiously silent on the needs of this vulnerable population. Focusing specifically on the case of Bosnia-Herzegovina, R. Charli Carpenter questions the framing of atrocity by human rights organizations and the limitations these narratives impose on their response. She finds that human rights groups set their agendas according to certain grievances-the claims of female rape victims or the complaints of aggrieved minorities, for example-and that these concerns can overshadow the needs of others. Incorporating her research into a host of other conflict zones, Carpenter shows that the social construction of rights claims is contingent upon the social construction of wrongs. According to Carpenter, this pathology prevents the full protection of children born of war.

Poverty In Rural America PDF Download

Poverty in Rural America PDF
Author: Janet M. Fitchen
Publisher: Waveland PressInc
Size: 43.53 MB
Format: PDF
Category : Rural poor
Languages : en
Pages : 257
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Examines poverty in the contemporary United States.

Parent Child Separation PDF Download

Parent Child Separation PDF
Author: Faren R. Akins
Publisher: Springer
Size: 56.20 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Category : Law
Languages : en
Pages : 356
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Parent-Child Separation: Psychosocial Effects on Development is an abstracted bibliography dealing with the consequences of parental separation and deprivation on the developing child and adolescent. We were interested in investigating the literature pertaining to the absence of a parent for reasons other than parental death. Main topics included were maternal or paternal absence due to desertion, military duty, imprisonment, parental institutionalization and divorce. Restricted parenting articles were included when they dealt with maternal or paternal inattention, rather than physical abuse. Particular problems with being a single parent were viewed from the perspective of child development. Because of the wealth of literature available in this area it became necessary to exclude topics such as laboratory studies dealing with temporary separation, normative attachment studies, effects of maternal employment, child abuse, child institutionalization and the like. Other related topics will be the subject of forthcoming books. These include the effect of parental death on the child and problems of childhood hospitali zation. In Parent-Child Separation each of the 690 main references have abstracts which were derived from three main sources: Psycho logical Abstracts, author-supplied abstracts and those written by the authors of this book. In compiling this book it became neces sary, because of size limitations, to focus on articles published after 1960. However, several pre-1960 articles and books were im portant from a historical perspective and are included in a separate section marked "Historical References. " These represent important earlier contributions to this vast subject area.

Ariel PDF Download

Ariel PDF
Size: 25.94 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Category : English literature
Languages : en
Pages :
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