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Could It Be B12  PDF
Author: Sally Pacholok
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Presenting a wide scope of problems caused by B12 deficiency, this comprehensive guide provides up-to-date medical information about symptoms, testing, diagnosis, and treatment. Written for both the patient and the interested layperson, this detailed book outlines how physicians frequently misdiagnose B12 deficiency as Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, mental retardation, Parkinson's disease, depression, or other mental illnesses. Now in the second edition, this resource has been thoroughly updated with the latest research, diagnostic tests, treatment options, case studies, and testimonials.

Vitamin B12 Could It Be A Promising Immunotherapy PDF Download

Vitamin B12  Could It Be a Promising Immunotherapy  PDF
Author: Tatina T. Todorova
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Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin and an important micronutrient with critical role in DNA, protein, and lipid synthesis. It is responsible for one-carbon metabolism and cell division of nervous and hematopoietic cells. Among its various functions, the role as immunomodulator in cellular immunity, especially in elevating the number of CD8+ cells and NK cells, attracts scientific interest. Many alternative anticancer and anti-inflammatory treatments involve the use of B12 together with other vitamins and nutrients, but still the scientific information is too obscure and insufficient. Controversial data link tumorigenesis with either increased or decreased B12 blood levels in different types of cancer. Dietary intake and additional supplement with the vitamin do not protect against cancer risk, but the dominant opinion is to integrate B12 as part of rational and healthy nutrition to ensure proper function of the immune system. This chapter will review in brief the most important facts for vitamin B12 functions and properties. We will try also to present in concise way the human immune system and the exact role of B12 in immune activity with emphasis on the questionable participation of vitamin B12 in the process of carcinogenesis and its significance as anticancer immunotherapy.