Optimization Of Price And Quality In Service Systems PDF Download

Optimization of Price and Quality in Service Systems PDF
Author: John G. Wirt
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Category : Consumers
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Pages : 174
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Price and service quality are important variables in the design of optimal service systems. Price is important because of the strong consumption externality inherent in service systems. Quality is important since it directly affects consumer welfare, and is readily controlled by altering the priorities of service offered. The paper takes a systematic view of this problem, and presents techniques for quantitative determination of the optimal prices and service quality in a wide class of systems. (Author).

A Survey Of Incentives For Staff Development Of Computer Based Instruction PDF Download

A Survey of Incentives for Staff Development of Computer based Instruction PDF
Author: John D. Winkler
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Microcomputers have been heralded as a tool with great potential for improving the quality of instruction. While there is no doubt that the number of microcomputers available for instruction is increasing dramatically, the number of teachers with training and knowledge of how to use them effectively for instruction is lagging greatly. This shortage of trained teachers occurs for a number of reasons, including a lack of computer-related courses offered in teacher training institutions, the inability of economically pressed school districts to hire new teachers with computer training, and insufficient staff development programs. The nature of incentives offered teachers will likely play a key role in encouraging their participation in staff development of microcomputer-based instruction. These incentives include incremental salary credit reimbursement for outside courses release time and new job titles with higher salaries for technically experienced teachers. The purpose of this study, sponsored by the National Institute of Education, is to examine how different forms of incentives and support increase the quality of computer-based instruction and the role that staff development plays in this process.

High Technology Terrorism And Surrogate War PDF Download

High Technology Terrorism and Surrogate War PDF
Author: Brian Michael Jenkins
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Category : Defense industries
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The author examines the impact of technological developments on low- level violence. He examines the topic in somewhat broader terms, looks at current trends in technology, both military and civilian, and what they could mean in the long run to guerrillas and terrorists, and also what they could mean for society. The author, argues that due largely to technological developments modern guerrilla and terrorist groups are being afforded a growing capacity for disruption and destruction. The support of terrorists by any nation or group of nations in turn will further increase the terrorists' capacity for violence. It may also prevent effective international cooperation aimed at controlling international terrorism.

Sociological Human Ecology PDF Download

Sociological Human Ecology PDF
Author: Michael Micklin
Publisher: Routledge
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Category : Social Science
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First published in This volume grew out of concerns raised by the contributors and a few others over the current status of human ecology within the field of sociology. Stemming from conferences and subsequent discussions by a group of sociologist-demographers on recent developments in sociological human ecology which started at the annual meeting of the Population Association of America in 1976, the original essays contained in this book are designed to review and assess the current state of knowledge in the field.