Viral Video: A woman wearing a bikini enters a crowded DTC bus and makes an inappropriate gesture, causing outrage on the internet.

Saurabh Singh
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A woman wearing a bikini suddenly entered the packed car, startled the passengers, and created quite a ruckus! A 12-second video that caught the startling incident went viral very fast! Sparking a firestorm of criticism on social media

The unexpected arrival of the woman in a bikini onto the DTC bus was captured in a 12-second video clip that has gone viral on social media.

Delhi Viral Video: The woman’s presence clearly unnerved some of the passengers as she stood close to the door. One female passenger can be seen leaving in the video, obviously uncomfortable with the circumstances! A passenger even made the decision to give up his seat to put some distance between himself and the bikini-clad woman after she allegedly made an indecent gesture.

Authorities have not yet revealed the woman’s identity. But the video has received a lot of attention online! sparking contentious conversations! Reactions flooding social media, many asking whether any safeguards are in place to stop similar tragedies from happening in the future.

Reactions to the incident have been mixed; some have expressed disapproval of the woman’s behavior and clothes while using public transportation, while others have expressed worries about decency and safety.

The video has received thousands of views on X and a number of responses from internet users since it was posted online.

“I’m over this. Lack of civic sensibility,” a user wrote on X. It’s her decision and her body. “Leave her alone,” said a third person!

One X user remarked, “Maybe she was trying to follow the ‘get ready with me’ trend on the bus.” “Sad to become well-known on social media. Not even in local buses or trains abroad have I seen this. We live in a highly confused world where we feel the need to demonstrate our power, uniqueness, or attention to detail!! Incorrect use of empowerment.

Many more tagged Delhi Police and requested that they take the woman’s actions seriously. Regarding the viral footage, authorities have not yet responded.

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